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Bicycles Rental

Embark on a green adventure with our Bicycle Rentals in Ayia Napa, Cyprus! We’ve got over 700 bikes for everyone – families, friends, and solo explorers. From kids to adults, our bikes come in sizes from Small to XL, ensuring a perfect fit for all.

What sets us apart is our commitment to eco-friendly travel. Say goodbye to petrol and hop on a bike to pedal through the scenic landscapes of Ayia Napa. Picture yourself cruising along coastal roads, exploring charming villages, and capturing special moments on a bike designed just for you.

Renting a bike from us isn’t just transportation; it’s an exploration of Cyprus’s stunning coastline. Discover beautiful beaches and cycling paths that lead all the way to Protaras. Ready to make your Ayia Napa adventure unforgettable with our eco-friendly Bicycle Rentals?

Contact us today to secure your bike and pedal your way to an extraordinary experience!

Best Bicycle of the Year


This vehicle was chosen by our customers as the best bicycle of the year.