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Places to visit on your Bicycle rental

Ayia Napa is a resort in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and it has become the place for hundreds of thousands of tourists. It hosts many tourists and they come from all over the world to experience Ayia Napa for relaxation, recreation or pleasure. There are many things you can do in this town, and because it is bigger than most holiday resorts and of course widely spread out, a great idea would be to rent a bicycle. There are too many places to visit on foot so renting a bicycle is highly recommended.

Rainbow Rentals are based in Ayia Napa, and now have over 700 bicycles available for anyone to rent. Whether you’re a child or older, we have a range of bicycles to suit your needs all of which are here on our website. A small example of what we have in stock will be found directly below…

Bergamont Sweep – A 28” urban bicycle with a super lightweight alloy frame that comes with a 24-speed drive train.
It also has high graded tires with puncture guard to protect from everyday abuses. It also has reflective strips for extra safety. This bicycle was chosen by our customers as the best bicycle of the year.

Ideal Passenger – The Ideal Passenger is a classical bicycle and it has an amazing Italian style frame.
It is very comfortable to ride on a daily basis. It has 28” wheels and it comes with a 3-speed or 7-speed drive train for the easy user. It is also equipped with a footbrake for practicality.

BMC – For the children, we have various types of bicycles and the BMC bicycle is one of them. It has a sleek style and it is very easy to use for any child. It comes complete with its 20” wheels, a 21-speed drive train and handbrake.

Ayia Napa hosts many tourists, especially during the summer period; the roads are full of traffic so it’s very easy to jump on your bike and head to any store or shop within town limits. If you are staying in Ayia Napa then you have easy access to anywhere in town. Check out the following places below to get a rough idea of places you can visit with your bicycle…

There are many beaches you can visit within town limits, but the most known and most visited beaches are Makronissos and Nissi beaches. Tourists come from all over the world to see the golden sands and clear waters they have. Both beaches are less than 10 mins away on a bike. And when you get there, you can park the bike very close to your sun bed. Some beaches have allocated spots for bikes and other means of transportation.

Nissi beach is definitely a must place to visit. It stretches 500 meters and the water is the cleanest a beach can be hence the Blue Flag award it was designated. Nissi beach is also popular because of its weekly events. Popular events such as foam parties happen very often, and DJ’s from around the globe come to perform. There are watersports such as water-skiing and windsurfing, and you can enjoy a game of volleyball on two open courts.

Makronissos beach is also well known in the Ayia Napa district. The sand here is white and the water here is clear blue which makes it a real life paradise just looking at it. The water level is low and very clear and calm which makes this beach suitable for all ages. Watersports can be found here also, such as waterskiing, parascending or you can hire the paddle boat and float away into the sea. Diving is also available here. During summer nights, Makronissos beach usually hosts events and the beach bar normally is open for most of the night.

You can also use your bicycle rental to go to any restaurants in this area; most franchise restaurants are available here, whether it’s a nice meal, a quick snack or an ice-cream. There is also a Water world Themed Waterpark that is one of the largest waterparks in Europe, with more than 25 rides and amazing attractions. Definitely worth a visit if you’re with a bicycle rental.

Ayia Napa is also very well known for its night life. When the sun goes down, the entire area of Ayia Napa transforms into a large Disco ball due to the multicolored lights flashing around in the sky and reflecting off the streets and pavements. Between the hours of 8-11pm you can visit a nice restaurant and have yourself a nice dinner. Later on you can go to a bar and just enjoy your evening there. But if you’re a party animal then head into Ayia Napa’s square where you will find a large number of bars, clubs and disco’s. In this part of town, you will find most tourists and foreigners. This is mostly the reason everyone comes to Ayia Napa; the incredible night life.

Most clubs fill easily on a good summer night, but there are so many other clubs to visit, so no matter what happens you will not miss out on the fun and you will still talk about it the following morning.

The entire area is full of bicycle trails and most of them lead from Ayia Napa all the way to Cape Greco the natural park and Protara area. At Cape Greco you will experience the amazing caves that Mother Nature has molded over time and here you can take a swim and cool down from the 15km bike ride. Most paths are adjacent to main roads so you can use them freely but be sure to take plenty water with you.

There are cycling paths that can take you as far as Protaras as well and in this area you can enjoy nice beaches such as Konnos, Fig Tree Bay and a few monuments or other places for sight-seeing, so if you’re feeling daring and you want to try the 35km bike ride, then you must take into consideration the heat, sun and hills that you might have to ride through. So we recommend that you take with you a backpack with cool water, wear a hat, sunglasses and put your sun cream oil because you will come back with a tan. Finally, it is good to remember that you are here to enjoy yourself, experience the beauty of this place during the day, and meet the wild nightlife of Ayia Napa. You can do both with ease, you will save yourself a lot of money and you will reminisce about the great times you had here if you hire a bicycle and get to these places with no trouble at all and in no time.

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September 4, 2017