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Places to visit with your Harley-Davidson rental in Cyprus

Whether they’re from abroad or they’re a local, people usually make their plans, to go out during their time off and enjoy the wonderful surroundings in Cyprus. They want to ride away for a day or two, explore or just simply go out for the fun of it.

If you’re road-tripping explorers or an adventurous bunch, then Cyprus has some tricky mountain paths and mesmerizing coastal roads that any daring rider should experience. Touring in Cyprus with your motorcycle rental has become the latest fashion nowadays. People from all backgrounds dream about getting out and seeing different places, exploring new locations, and revisiting old locations.

Here in Cyprus, you can discover some truly attractive places. Sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, cold water rivers and waterfalls, traditional villages surrounded by mountains and mountainous regions with amazing views. Here at Rainbow Rentals, we can make this dream a reality by providing you with the ultimate tool for this experience so as to make it an unforgettable event: The Harley-Davidson Iron 883!

Riding a great motorcycle on roads like these is not the cherry on the cake; it is the actual cake! One does not eat the cherry on the top and say, “I liked the cherry”, on the contrary, they will say “I loved that cake”! The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is the biggest cake as regards motorcycle rentals, and we want to share it with YOU!

At your disposal, the 2017 model Harley-Davidson Iron 883, packing 900cc of pure, American muscle. It’s an amazing piece of machinery with aggressive throwback styling. All it wants is for you to get on and take it out for a spin.

Sitting on the saddle will help you discover high levels of comfort whilst you enjoy your journey to ‘anywhere’. You will not be disappointed one bit.

Getting out and beginning your tour of places requires a few things, but to cut the list short, you’ll need will power, good preparation and a great motorcycle. You will need some time to organize a good road trip using Google or the local Maps to find a driving route in Cyprus, which will give you a rough overview of where you can go. Soon your idea of going on a road trip will become a plan. Take your own time to decide what you want to do.

Since the Harley-Davidson is of American production, we all know that they are designed for open roads, so taking a day trip is the best option.

Below you will find an example of a road trip that experienced riders have used. Most road trips are between 2-6 hours of riding, including pit stops and sight-seeing. Some road trips can go on for a whole day or even days, depending on how you are feeling. Knowing that you have a Harley-Davidson outside waiting to tear up the sun-bleached blacktop will get you excited enough to explore more picture-perfect beaches, forests or mountains!

Ayia Napa – Limassol

Taking a day trip to Limassol and visiting the Ancient Theatre of Kourion and Kolossi Castle is a great way to begin a tour. You can take the Highway road passing by many villages. A pit stop can be taken at Governors Beach where you can mingle with the local villagers and even have a bite and beverage; you can also enjoy the view of the Meditteranean Sea. Continue on the Highway towards Limassol and take the exit to Kolossi village where you will find the famous Castle of King Richard. When you have seen the Kolossi Castle and its beautiful garden, continue your journey towards Episkopi village where you will find the Kourion Theatre and its amazing view of the south Meditteranean Sea.

Ayia Napa – Limassol – Troodos

This tour is designed for travellers seeking a more natural experience. As you embark in the morning on your journey towards Limassol you can stop at Choirokoitia and check out the archaeological site. Continue on towards Limassol city and head towards the mountains. Along the way you can stop at the picturesque village of Kakopetria for beverages. Here you will find the villages’ miniature waterfall too. Proceed on towards Troodos mountain, where you can admire the green forest and vast landscapes. Enjoy your free time, take pictures and have lunch in Troodos. You can go for a walk here and visit the small market places. Your next stop from here is Omodos. A traditional village built around a very old monastery. Here you will find a winery, so feel free to purchase wine and cheese as well as other local, traditional food & beverages at the village’s shops.

There are also many different coastal routes that are a sight for sore eyes. Cyprus is surrounded by sea, so if you ride long enough you will eventually bump into a seaside. If your starting point is Ayia Napa, there is no easier way to say it but keep the sea to your left and keep driving towards Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos and ultimately Akamas National Park – the island’s last, large, unspoiled coastal area.

You will be gobsmacked with the wonderful scenery.

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 will be very easy to use, practical, and unforgettable to ride. Many more types of motorcycles as well as other vehicles may be found on here our website and are immediately available. Feel free to check them out.
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July 20, 2018