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Touring with your Rented Motorcycle in Cyprus

How many of us have been in a place where we are sitting at a café or restaurant and suddenly we hear or see a motorbike speeding passed us, then the thought comes to mind… “Sometimes I wish I had one of those”, or maybe you thought “I want to go on that weekend tour with my motorcycle-passionate friends”.

Many have heard how beautiful Cyprus is and want to go there and just tour around the country and see new places and just enjoy good times. Others have already made up their minds about going on a holiday to sunny Cyprus and they want to go on a road trip and see places but they simply don’t know where to start from.

Well, guess what guys, you have the chance to fulfil those thoughts and dreams in Cyprus! Rainbow Rentals in Cyprus, Ayia Napa, has a range of motorcycles for rent which consists of the latest cruisers like Harley-Davidson (see guide), to more practical touring-style 500cc motorbikes and 1000cc motorbikes. We want to give you the chance to go on a round trip to Cyprus and experience this feeling. Currently, there are so many tours happening in Cyprus, all of which you can enjoy with others who share the same thoughts and dreams.

Once you have picked your motorcycle, you have a minimum period of one day (24hrs) to use it, and you can go anywhere. Since you are in Ayia Napa you can head to the beach as it is literally 5 minutes away or you can start your journey to the other side of Cyprus. It’s totally up to you. Below are a few examples of what to do and where to go first:

  • Ayia Napa has many beaches. Makronissos Beach, a cluster of bays which stretch out in different directions, all to the west and south-west is a nice way to start a tour. Landa Beach and Nissi Beach are well-known beach attractions too.
  • If you want to head out then you could visit Finikoudes in Larnaca, one of the well-known beaches of Larnaca city and attracts many tourists most of the year. It happens to be parallel to the main road and is full of Cafes, Restaurants and Convenience Stores. It is home to the Larnaca Marina and Castle of Larnaca. Visiting the beautiful Salt Lake to take pictures of some 2000+ Flamingos that fly here on a yearly basis is good too, or visit the Old Kamares Aqueduct before heading out to a further destination.
  • Limassol is a very cool place to tour to as well, especially now that it has been modernized over the last 5 years. You can visit the Limassol Marina, with all its shops and villas. Here you can take a walk through the Marina and view the amazing superyachts docked real close to all facilities.
  • Pafos is a small city but consists of many attractions such as the Aphrodite’s Rock also known as Petra tou Romiou which can easily be found as you ride on the Highway towards Pafos. Many tourists and locals till this day stop and take pictures or go for a swim in this part of the sea. The Tombs of the Kings is well worth visiting here in Pafos. There you can explore the different Tombs where the old Kings were buried and learn more about the Island’s history. Pafos also has a Zoo which is nice to visit, with many shows happening there weekly.
  • Latchi in Pafos is also home of the famous Blue Lagoon and its beautiful Akama peninsula. Definitely worth a visit as it has some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean Sea. You can take a Boat from Latchi port, and it will take you all the way there and back between 10am-4pm. Food and Drinks are served during lunch which is great and it’s a perfect place to relax, go for a swim, enjoy the company of fellow travellers and most importantly enjoy the amazing scenery.
  • Other places to go would be into the mountainous region and ride through villages such as Agros, Kakopetria or head to Omodos and Platres. As you head towards these villages you will come across amazing roads that curve into each other whilst surrounded by the green forests and wild rock faces. Many wineries, different restaurants and plenty of shops are along the way. You will also ride close to various Waterfalls, Rivers and Dams which are tourist attractions as well. There are many routes you can take, many places to visit and we are here to help you enjoy it all. We can tell you first hand, it will be an unforgettable experience.

All the above are just a few examples but you can take your time and journey further into Cyprus. There are so many places to discover with your motorcycle rental.

All Bike tours within Cyprus can take anything between 1hr – 5hrs or they can take all day. Whatever the case, it will be a tour to be enjoyed and most of all remembered!

All you need to do is, head to our base in Ayia Napa, show us your valid Driving License, pick your ride and you’re good to go!

See our entire motorcycle range and rent a motorcycle in Cyprus now.

Good Riding!

August 2, 2017