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Why rent a Scooter in Ayia Napa?

Have you finally taken time off work and gone on Holiday? If you’re planning to spend your summer in Ayia Napa, where the sun shines bright and the town is flooded with tourists, then you will notice a great number of people riding scooters and quad-bikes. These means of transportation can be quite fun and definitely the most economical way to get to different beaches or other locations in the nearby vicinity. Rainbow rentals highly recommend in this case, that you rent a Scooter rather than using the limited number of taxis in this area. There are a number of reasons of course with some of these being…

Usability – A scooter is one of the easiest vehicles to drive or learn how to drive and once you get the hang of it, you will be driving it more than you expected.
Riding a scooter in Ayia Napa will become effortless and comfortable to ride. Deciding to get up at any given moment and go to a convenience store, beach or club will become almost mechanical knowing the scooter will take you there in no time without any particular effort.

Practicality – Scooters have proven over time that they can be very practical, in the sense that you can go pretty much anywhere in town and nearby areas.
They can get you to places in less time than most four-wheelers, due to the fact that they can avoid traffic and use slip roads.
You will be able to park your scooter almost anywhere. We have all noticed a bunch of scooters parked outside shops, cafés, very close to the beach, or literally outside of any restaurant or club. Go anywhere, Park anywhere!

Safety – At Rainbow rentals, we take safety very seriously. We do regular checks on all our vehicles, especially our scooters as they are the most preferred choice of transportation in Ayia Napa or surrounding areas. They are frequently serviced and checked before riding out. A few tips will be provided on how to use your scooter safely and you will be provided with a helmet for your own safety before you leave our offices.

Here at Rainbow rentals, we have a wide range of scooters to choose from which are all fun to ride. Depending on your needs, you can rent anything between 50cc and 300cc scooters. Our models are very reliable and as stated earlier, very practical and safe to use. For more information regarding our scooters and what we have on offer, please contact Rainbow rentals on 00357-23721878 or visit our website and any inquiries will be answered.

Renting a scooter gives you the ability to go out and enjoy the things the town has to offers at any moment. For example, in Ayia Napa you can visit the golden sand beaches, such as Makronissos, Landa or Nissi Beach. All beaches are very near to each other and all have their unique touch. You can leave your scooter just outside the Beach entrance instead of looking for a parking space like car owners do.

You can also take a ride to Cape Greco – the natural park which is close to Ayia Napa. It’s a 10 minute drive with your scooter and you can enjoy a swim there too. Since it’s really close to Ayia Napa, you can also enjoy the sunset at Cape Greco and feel the awe-inspiring sensation before heading back and enjoying the nightlife.

Going to Protaras is also an option, as it is only 5 miles away from Ayia Napa. There you can enjoy the clear sky-blue waters of Fig Tree Bay and Konnos Beach. When you decide to take a small trip to Protaras, you can experience scuba diving, as this place has some of the most popular diving destinations, some of which are Green Bay or The Blue Hole.

There are so many things to see on foot, so renting a scooter is highly recommended for such small distances. Scooters are cheap, save time, can take you anywhere, can be parked anywhere and are fun. You can’t go wrong.

Happy Holidays!

October 2, 2017